In The Beginning...

The Leon Group focuses on making sure you stay true to your brand and company. Our goal is never to change your goals, but rather create a path to efficiently get you there.

Having some unique styles and processes helps us make sure we are not the next cookie cutter marketing firm that makes you feel like just another client in our portfolio. Our team is diverse and brings a lot of different ideas and strategies to the table. Every client we work with is different, so we make sure that we understand your uniqueness and niche before we even begin to create the road map for the goals.

The “In The Beginning” process is the most crucial step to ultimate success. Here is a basic breakdown of how this step works.



1. We meet all staff and team and hand out a simple questionnaire. We just want to find out more about them and the company from their perspective. While this may seem to be a point that doesn’t matter very much, it is HUGE in the ultimate success of reaching the goal.

2. We have a meeting with all executive members and decision makers in the company. The main focus of this meeting is to establish boundaries. They say “Good fences make good neighbors.” That is simply the goal here. We provide what boundaries and limitation we have and request to know yours. We are experts in what we do, but understand that you are an expert in what you do.

3. That executive meeting is followed by another meeting where we brainstorm some ideas and some visions together. Once we know we are in the right direction we know how to proceed. This meeting is really important to find out if the communication is clear thus far, before proceeding with the plan of action.

4. Finally, in this phase we discuss financials. We enter every contract with clear expectations financially for all parties involved. While there may be some modifications along the way, we do our best to stick to budgets and financial limitations set originally.

The Leon Group