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Our Specialty... About Our Marketing

The Leon Group Marketing was created as result of a business owner and our founder Gabriel Gutierrez being led in many different directions by marketing companies trying to sell advertising more than trying to help grow his business. The idea of paying someone to "market a business" without them investing any time or efforts in finding out what the business was really about was bothersome. Gabe decided to do his homework. With a background in marketing from college and being familiar with website design and graphic arts, he figured that learning the new digital marketing strategies would be fairly simple. Only problem is it wasn't. After investing many hours and even some hefty amount of finances on the trial and errors of digital marketing, success was finally part of the story. Gabe later sold his business in the construction world and decided to go back to marketing, only this time using the knowledge of the digital world.

The Leon Group Marketing is not just a company that pitches pay-per-click or website development. We take the time to evaluate the business and its' needs. We then carefully construct a plan for success based on budgets and/or goals. We do not believe in theoretical application, we believe in practical solutions! Result driven and sought out success is where we land in our company.

Our process is unique to every client, because every client is unique. We have a team that is filled with ideas and creative solutions to help you grow, brand, and succeed.