We are in a new age of technology and creative mindsets. So how do you get the attention of the new age generation? The Leon Group focuses on creating ways to help attract millenials in the market place. Using startegies that are "Outside The Box", we make sure that our efforts hit the target market specifically for you. The difference with this and other companies out there, is we do not just "throw paper at the wall and hope it sticks". We customize each and every businesses marketing strategies to be specific to their target market. Less waste and more reults!

Thinking Outside The Box, Without Reinventing The Wheel!

We love to be creative for you and your business. What this means is you get a team that is on board with you to succeed togther. This is not just a come buy a product or service, but rather an alliance to build both of our businesses together! We will analyse every aspect necessary to properly evaluate who your market is and how to approach them. "Proper Planning Equals Successful Executions!" Our planning is the meat and potatoes of our business. The core of what we do. If we do not know you and your business, how can we serve you successfully?


Why do we emphasize so much on planning? It is actually really simple. In our experience, we have come to find out that businesses that do not succeed is because the majority of the time they never planned. Planning for successes, planning for failures, planning for growth, planning for down sizing, etc. A good plan is like a good treasure map. If the land marks on your map are clear, you will likely find the treasure. However, if the land marks are not clear you will wonder around and around searching the same are without the success of finding treasure. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Trying to find the treasure with a bad map will only lead you to insanity! On the other side, if the map led you to the treasure but there is no plan on how to keep it safe, it's as good as gone. Planning for failures and for successes. It never stops! Kepp planning and executing...

Our team comes along side of your team to grow not just the business, but also the success. There are many factors that make a business successful. Having the proper game plan is key. That is our specialty. Our marketing services are simply an extension of our process implimintations.